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The New Northfield Option by Alex Sciuto
January 27, 2009, 4:01 pm
Filed under: Campus

Along with room draw numbers coming out today, I finally saw Carleton’s new Northfield option policy. With the new dorms going into use next year, I think everyone expected a reduced number of students receiving Northfield Option, but as someone who doesn’t pay much attention to the inside politics of Carleton, I was surprised by how thorough and restrictive the overhaul is. The two main points: only 100 students get to live off-campus and the 100 golden tickets are alotted just like a normal campus room (the person with the highest room draw number can draw in up to four other people with them in Northfield).

What do you guys think about this? As a person with no personal stake in this, it seems fair to all except those juniors who chose to live off-campus this year and assumed they’d more easily get Northfield Option their senior year. With this change, it seems there will be at least a few kids who were living off-campus but will be denied their request for next year. What will they do with all their junk from their houses!!?

-Alex Sciuto