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What I’ve Been Doing Wrong by Greg Hunter
February 20, 2009, 1:46 am
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Found footage blogs are a wealth of VHS-era kitsch, but clips from sex and dating advice videos are my favorite by far. Maybe it’s their supposed quick fixes to the complicated, enduring issues between men and women. Maybe it’s just the guy at the 1:47 mark in video #1.



From the Found Footage Festival:

– Greg Hunter

Friday Feb 13 Carl by carlmagazine



02 EDITORS’ NOTE Prescience and struggle in the face of meaninglessness
03 DOORMAT Words for the trustees • More stuff freshmen like • Vagina dialogues
05 SOCIETY Long distance relationships: stories and strategies • How to have an alternative Valentines Day
09 ARTS & LIT Just in time for your lonely Saturday, some scintillating romance novel reviews
10 FEATURE Graffiti at Carleton: a comprehensive history
14 PERFORMANCES Talking with the cast and grew of The House of Seven Gables
16 MUSIC Franz Ferdinand’s latest: what’s the Scottish word for misstep? • What does a film prof listen to? • Aaron Kaufman looks into a dark mirror
18 CINEMA He’s Just Not That Into You: it’s not a chick flick if it’s got Affleck, bro • Andrew Tatge on noise and movie trailers
20 CARTOONS We make Winsor McCay look like a stupid jerk
22 FUN & GAMES You choose the next Vinayak!
23 COUNTDOWN Chun-Li, local hip-hop, and avoiding sterility

Best Carl Ever by carlmagazine

Best. Carl. Ever. Period. Two timely features. Erudite Reviews. And World War III: Carleton College v. Carleton University.

CARL 1/30/09


01 EDITORS’ NOTE Prescience and struggle in the face of meaninglessness
03 DOORMAT Carlemaggedon starts here – we demand our name back from Carleton University!
06 SOCIETY Orion Martin’s inauguration misadventure • Jordan Narvey on the importance of broomball • Momma mia! Sex and Mario Bros
08 SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE: Comps, for the uninitiated • Surveying the controversy over Bon Appetit at Carleton
15 ARTS & LIT Sasha Korobova on the libe’s latest installation • James Hannaway talks to Dan Lacey, Minnesota’s foremost political painter
18 MUSIC Lil Wayne’s “Prom Queen” – horrible or terrible? • Andrew Bird lays a turd • Russ Petricka’s top tracks
20 CINEMA Notorious: a dialogic review • Frank Firke spends Christmas on Mars
22 PERFORMANCES Faust comes to the cities • How cool was Cooler Ranch’s debut?
23 CARTOONS A whole lotta Jenna MacKrell • Makando Z gets complicated
26 FUN & GAMES It’s a letter ‘Z’-themed word search. Why? Because we can. • Things Barack Obama will make cool again, in the Bracket
27 COUNTDOWN What is this “super-bowl”? Max Bearack and Frank Firke explain