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Remix Roundup: Little Bit by Lykke Li by carlmagazine
September 27, 2010, 10:13 pm
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By. R. Orion Martin

With so many remixes and mashups torrenting around campus, one needs an instruction manual just to match the correct version of the song with the correct moment of Carleton life.

Lykke Li

The original Little Bit came out in 2007 by Swedish indie singer Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson. She patterns her soft, whisp-like voice over plucked strings and a soothing beat. Definitely the most placid version of the song, ideal for the “I’ll stress out tomorrow” Saturday afternoon.

Death to the Throne

Many remixes lay a thumping base beat onto the song without thinking about how it affects the song as a whole. Death to the Throne is a promising up and coming remixer who goes above and beyond. He specializes in dance beats that have a life of their own. Death’s remix of Little Bit is perfect for the post Sayles dance party encore.


CCS turns to the synths for this quirky “knob-twiddling” version. Best suited for convincing your friends (or rivals) that you listen to more obscure versions of the music they like.

Villains or Gigamesh

Either of these remixes turns Little Bit into a danceable club hit without the originality and playfulness of the Death to the Throne remix. If you plot remixes on a black to white spectrum, these would mark the neutral gray where songs are catchy enough to dance to on the first listen but don’t leave a deep impression. Probably best for initiating new listeners.


Leaving the instrumentals of the song quite close to the original, Lykke Li adds a heartbeat base for this collaboration. Drake goes on the offensive against his girl’s friends? “Tell her get a man ain’t cheatin’ on her ass with a girl that I know yeah tell her all that.” If you find yourself falling into a facebook unofficial fling, look no further.

Runner-up Remixes

Eke Whaa

Matas Berlin

Staygold/Savage Skulls

Rapaport & Malmqvist

If you know more than me about music and want to help me write another article like this, I’d be psyched.


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