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Virtuouso by carlmagazine
October 16, 2010, 6:17 pm
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By Jonathan Lin

The match bursts into majestic flame; yellow and orange
cascades pirouette together and fill the basement with
a warm glow.

His frail fingers are bitten by the heat. Nibbles at first,
then a gnawing as the fire bristles in voracious hunger.
He feels his nails quiver
and his heart stop
as he casts the match onto the heap of pages.

The scores before him grin and twinkle before cackling
as the embers snap and chew up the inked paper:
coffee stains,
tear drops.

She had unlocked his heart, and he poured out his music to
honor the key. But even its gracious gold rusted.
His compositions were destined for choirs of angels –
and they sang as if to bring the heavens to her.

But to her, his music only sang a dirge.