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The Penis Hits The Net by Greg Hunter
November 22, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Anyone who’s been reading our print edition this fall is probably familiar with The Carl’s thwarted campaign to preserve Carleton College’s giant cement penis, spearheaded by humor editor Matt Pieh.  (Those who need a refresher, please see the October 10 and 24 PDFs.)  The dong is long gone, as Carleton students know, but it appears online commentators are only beginning to acknowledge the bravery of Pieh and activists like him.  Last week on local blog Locally Grown, Griff Wigley described his the destruction of the penis and linked to our magazine ( On November 21, First Time Caller, Longtime Listener–a blog based out of my own mother’s hometown of Buffalo, NY–linked to the Locally Grown piece (  The members of Save The Penis didn’t ask for internet stardom, but they deserve all the accolades they’ve received.  And maybe, just maybe, the next penis will be saved because of their example.

– Greg Hunter

Why Didn’t I Think To Make That A Blog #2 by carlmagazine
October 14, 2008, 4:37 pm
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Aren’t you amazed when one of your really smart friends, or really smart people on tv or in magazines throws out some idea or tidbit so obviously cool and interesting that you think “Why can’t I think of this. It’s so obvious.” I’ve noticed that lots of cool blogs usually have that same Ah Ha! moment. To showcase one of these conceptual jewels, here’s the second installment of Why Didn’t I Think To Make That  Blog. Of course, if you find one of these great blogs, you’ll shoot them our way won’t you?


About (from the site): I like the ampersand. I think it is often the most attractive character of them all. This blog is an attempt to give this humble ligature the respect it deserves.

Why It’s Great: The complexity of the shape of the ampersand combined with its growing obsolescence placed high above the number 7 on the keyboard makes the ampersand an unusually captivating typographical character. And while the average joesixpack (what if Sarah Palin was really talking about unhealthy Americans, calling them JoeSicksPack? Just blew your mind?) might not be using the character too often in e-mails and such, this blog shows the “Where’s Waldo” quality of the character. It’s both plastered on walls, looped in neon lights, and used to shorten the length of all number of signs, but we never really notice do we.

Well, thankfully, now you’ve got a website to document all the sightings.

-Alex Sciuto