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Odds and Ends by Alex Sciuto
June 13, 2009, 4:09 pm
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I know this site has died, and I take most of the blame for the CarlBlog going dormant, but this is my attempt to make ammends. Here are two issues of the Carl 09. I would have put the other four issues not yet on the internet, but security won’t let me into the Carl office and someone from facilites has already swiped the key.

New Executive Editors will no doubt do better than I have done to make this site real.



-Alex Sciuto

Friday Feb 13 Carl by carlmagazine



02 EDITORS’ NOTE Prescience and struggle in the face of meaninglessness
03 DOORMAT Words for the trustees • More stuff freshmen like • Vagina dialogues
05 SOCIETY Long distance relationships: stories and strategies • How to have an alternative Valentines Day
09 ARTS & LIT Just in time for your lonely Saturday, some scintillating romance novel reviews
10 FEATURE Graffiti at Carleton: a comprehensive history
14 PERFORMANCES Talking with the cast and grew of The House of Seven Gables
16 MUSIC Franz Ferdinand’s latest: what’s the Scottish word for misstep? • What does a film prof listen to? • Aaron Kaufman looks into a dark mirror
18 CINEMA He’s Just Not That Into You: it’s not a chick flick if it’s got Affleck, bro • Andrew Tatge on noise and movie trailers
20 CARTOONS We make Winsor McCay look like a stupid jerk
22 FUN & GAMES You choose the next Vinayak!
23 COUNTDOWN Chun-Li, local hip-hop, and avoiding sterility

Winter Term Carl PDFs! by carlmagazine
January 18, 2009, 8:30 pm
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We’re back with the first magazine of cheery winter season! Make sure to check out the cover because it looks a lot better in pdf form. Eventually, I hope that we’ll master the fine art of lightening every picture and graphic on the computer that it comes out as pretty in print as it does on the screen, but for now enjoy wowing at it on the COMPUTER!


CARL 01-16-09


02 EDITORS’ NOTE – Prescience and struggle in the face of meaninglessness

03 DOORMAT – For the benefit of those who where abroad, Matt Pieh presents a synopsis of Penisgate ‘08 • Libertarianism and you

05 PERFORMANCES – The Guthrie does Albee, and Mandy Zoch reports • Winter ‘09 previews

06 SOCIETY – Sex and food, or ‘Remember that Seinfeld episode?’ • The next time you consider asking out your chem lab crush, maybe you should grow up first

08 FEATURE – Dan Sugarman talks to Randy Peck, punk rock Santa

10 MUSIC – Sting gives President Oden the creeps • Kyle Kramer likes the new Animal Collective, cultural implications be damned

12 ARTS & LIT – Alex Sciuto sees the world’s most expensive painting • Sasha Korobova gets melodramatic • Greg Hunter reads Krazy Kat

14 CINEMA – Andreas Stoehr loves esoteric films, and he doesn’t care who it hurts • Gomorra’s Italian gangsters shake down Andrew Tatge

16 FUN & GAMES – It’s the student journalism equivalent of Jordan playing for the Wizards: The Bracket is back!

17 COUNTDOWN – It’s Biggie vs. Blagojevich in a battle for your attention


-Alex Sciuto

Candidate for Mayor of Northfield by Alex Sciuto
October 13, 2008, 11:37 pm
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From the Political Action Committee Citizens for a Better Northfield If Brendon Is Elected Otherwise It’ll Be Four Or However Many Years of the Same: I don’t know how serious Brendan is for mayor, but his website has an aesthetic all its own. I’d post a picture from it, but it might give one of our readers a seizure. And I don’t want that hanging over my head.

-Alex Sciuto