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Best Carl Ever by carlmagazine

Best. Carl. Ever. Period. Two timely features. Erudite Reviews. And World War III: Carleton College v. Carleton University.

CARL 1/30/09


01 EDITORS’ NOTE Prescience and struggle in the face of meaninglessness
03 DOORMAT Carlemaggedon starts here – we demand our name back from Carleton University!
06 SOCIETY Orion Martin’s inauguration misadventure • Jordan Narvey on the importance of broomball • Momma mia! Sex and Mario Bros
08 SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE: Comps, for the uninitiated • Surveying the controversy over Bon Appetit at Carleton
15 ARTS & LIT Sasha Korobova on the libe’s latest installation • James Hannaway talks to Dan Lacey, Minnesota’s foremost political painter
18 MUSIC Lil Wayne’s “Prom Queen” – horrible or terrible? • Andrew Bird lays a turd • Russ Petricka’s top tracks
20 CINEMA Notorious: a dialogic review • Frank Firke spends Christmas on Mars
22 PERFORMANCES Faust comes to the cities • How cool was Cooler Ranch’s debut?
23 CARTOONS A whole lotta Jenna MacKrell • Makando Z gets complicated
26 FUN & GAMES It’s a letter ‘Z’-themed word search. Why? Because we can. • Things Barack Obama will make cool again, in the Bracket
27 COUNTDOWN What is this “super-bowl”? Max Bearack and Frank Firke explain